Volodymyr Kostyantynovych Vysokovych

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Vysokovych Volodymyr Kostyantynovych
Високович Володимир Костянтинович, Высокович Владимир Константинович
Vysokovych Volodymyr Kostyantynovych portrait.gif
Portrait of Vysokovych Volodymyr Kostyantynovych
Born January 28, 1854
Gaysyn, Ukraine
Died May 26, 1912
Residence Ukraine Ukraine
Nationality Ukrainian Ukraine
Fields bacteriology
Institutions St. Volodymyr Kyiv University
Known for Bacteriology

Prof. Volodymyr Kostyantynovych Vysokovych, or (in more usual transcription) Vladimir Konstantinovich Vysokovich (Ukrainian: Володимир Костянтинович Високович, Russian: Владимир Константинович Высокович)(1854–1912),[1] the Head of the Department of Pathologic Anatomy at Medical Faculty of St. Volodymyr Kyiv University, one of the founders of the Society of Struggle with Infectious Diseases and Kyiv Bacteriological Institute.[2]


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