Wallis and Futuna Territorial Assembly election, 2007

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Territorial Assembly elections were held in Wallis and Futuna on 1 April 2007.[1] Of the twenty-six lists contesting the election, twenty won one seat each in an election that has been described as "having elected members along mainly clan lines".[2] Three new members were elected, and turnout was 71 per cent.[3]

The new president of the Territorial Assembly should have been chosen on 6 April 2007, but this was delayed until 11 April 2007 due to bad weather.[4] On that date, Pesamino Taputai was elected with 12 votes in favour.[5]


e • d Summary of the 1 April 2007 Territorial Assembly of Wallis and Futuna election results
Lists Votes % Seats
Various right-leaning lists (UMP, Modem,...) . 12
Various left-leaning lists (PS,...) . 8
Total   20
Source: French Wikipedia.