Wellington School, Midlothian, Scotland

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Wellington School, Midlothian, Scotland is a residential school for boys, owned by the City of Edinburgh Council and operated by the Council's Children and Families Department.

Established in 1859 and initially known as "The Wellington Reformatory Farm School", the school was the creation of "The Edinburgh Association for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders"; one of the founding members of the association was the Rev. Dr. Thomas Guthrie. The Wellington Reformatory Farm School sprang from thinking similar to that which created the Reform School developments in the US.

The school admitted its first pupil in February 1860: James Watt, aged eleven years. James had been convicted at The Police Court of Edinburgh and there sentenced by Sheriff Hallard to fourteen days imprisonment and thereafter five years detention at the Reformatory School. James' crime had been the "theft of a bottle of hair oil from off a barrow on the street". James had had no previous convictions.

Although the word "Farm" was dropped from the School's name many years ago, it is still often referred to in Edinburgh as "Wellie Farm".


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