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Becoming an Adopter[edit]

To sign up to be an Adopter, check that you meet the criteria to the right, add the template {{Adopting}} to your user page and add your details to the list of users available for Adopting.

Finding an adoptee is a pro-active process, so remember to regularly check the category of new users seeking Adoption as most new users respond best to direct requests for adoption. If you find a user you want to adopt, leave a message on their talk page and change {{Adoptme}} to {{Adopt offer}} on their user page. Once adoption is complete use the {{Adoptee|Adopter's Username}} and {{Adopter|Adoptee's Username}} templates on the appropriate user pages. Changing these templates is an important step, since the user will remain listed as seeking adoption for as long as the {{Adoptme}} template remains on their page. If you wish to show participation in the program without indicating status or adoption partner, use the {{Adoption}} template on your user page.

Remember that potential adoptees are not obliged to accept your offer of adoption. By the same token, just because another potential adopter has offered adoption this does not mean that you cannot also offer a choice, so you may also wish to check the category of new users who have been offered Adoption.


If you are an administrator or very experienced user, you may be interested in becoming a supervisory mentor. Supervisory mentors are assigned to users who are under some form or community sanctions, usually as part of the dispute resolution process or as a condition of an unblock. To offer your services as a mentor, please add the code |mentorship=yes to your Adopter Profile.


For a list of useful resources and templates to help you with your adoption see Adopter Resources page - feel free to add anything, in or out of Wikipedia, that you feel may help others.


The following guidelines have been drawn up:

  • Adopters should be available often to help their adoptees.
  • Adopters should have a good understanding of the encyclopedia and its policies and guidelines.
  • Adopters should have sufficient experience before they start adopting.
  • Adopters should be willing to ask questions of other adopters, should their breadth/depth of understanding mean they not know the answer.
  • Adopters should only take on as many Adoptees as they can practically cope with.