Lust for Blood (album)

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Lust for Blood
Studio album by Velvet Acid Christ
Released 2006-09-26
Recorded 2005–2006
Genre Electro-industrial
Length 69:37
Label Metropolis Records
Producer Bryan Erickson
Velvet Acid Christ chronology
Oblivion Interface '''Lust for Blood''' The Art of Breaking Apart

Lust for Blood is the eleventh original album by electro-industrial band Velvet Acid Christ. The album's promotional single is titled Wound, which was on the Deutsche Alternative Chart for 8 weeks and reached number 10 on Billboard‍ '​s Hot Dance Singles Sales in 2006.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Wound
  2. Parasite
  3. Discolored Eyes
  4. Crushed
  5. Disconnected Nightmare
  6. Polyester Meth Zeus
  7. Kashmir Crack Krishna
  8. Ghost in the Circuit
  9. Machine
  10. Lust
  11. For
  12. Blood
  13. Psychoaktive Landscapes
  14. Ghost Regen