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Viaweb was a web-based application that allowed users to build and host their own online stores with little technical expertise using a web browser. The company was started in July 1995 by Paul Graham, Robert Morris, and Trevor Blackwell.[1] Graham claims Viaweb was the first application service provider.[2] Viaweb was also unusual for being partially written in the Lisp programming language.

The software was originally called Webgen,[3] but another company was using the same name,[4] so the company renamed it to Viaweb, "because it worked via the Web".[5]

In 1998, Yahoo! Inc. bought Viaweb for 455,000 shares of Yahoo! stock, valued at about $49 million, and renamed it Yahoo! Store.[6][7]

Viaweb's example has been influential in Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial culture, largely due to Graham's widely read essays and his subsequent career as a successful venture capitalist.[8]

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