1985 Milan Indoor

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1985 Milan Indoor
Date:   25 March - 31 March 1985
Edition:   8th
United States John McEnroe
Switzerland Heinz Günthardt / Sweden Anders Järryd
Milan Indoor
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The 1985 Milan Indoor (also known as the 1985 Fila Trophy for sponsorship reasons) was a tennis tournament played on Indoor carpet courts.The event was part of the 1985 Nabisco Grand Prix. It was played in Milan in Italy from March 25-31, 1985.


Men's Singles[edit]

United States John McEnroe defeated Sweden Anders Järryd 6–4, 6–1

Men's Doubles[edit]

Switzerland Heinz Günthardt / Sweden Anders Järryd defeated Australia Broderick Dyke / Australia Wally Masur 6–2, 6–1