2003 Jordanian embassy bombing in Baghdad

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2003 Jordanian embassy bombing in Baghdad
An aerial view of the area surrounding the Jordanian embassy after the bombings.  Burnt out cars and debris are visible.
The Jordanian embassy after the bombings
Location Baghdad, Iraq
Date August 7, 2003
Target Jordanian embassy
Attack type
truck bomb
Deaths 17
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad

The 2003 Jordanian embassy bombing in Baghdad was the detonation of a truck bomb outside of the Jordanian embassy in Iraq on August 7, 2003. The powerful blast killed 17 and injured at least 40.

Witnesses in the area reported that the suspects parked their vehicle outside of the embassy, and left. A short time later the vehicle exploded. All casualties were Iraqi and outside the embassy . Inside the embassy there were only a few slight injuries reported, because the embassy was surrounded by a concrete wall which protected it from the bombing.

This attack was the first one where insurgents used a car bomb. Just a week later the first suicide attack was carried out by the insurgency in the attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad.

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