2007 VL305

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2007 VL305
Discovery date 2007
Minor planet category Trojan asteroid
Orbital characteristics[1][2]
Epoch 2012-Mar-14.0 (JD 2456000.5)
Aphelion 32.27 AU
Perihelion 28.13 AU
Semi-major axis 30.20 AU
Eccentricity 0.0686
Orbital period 166 yr (60,621 d)
Mean anomaly 358.5°
Inclination 28.0847°
Longitude of ascending node 188.569°
Argument of perihelion 217.0°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 65–150 km
Absolute magnitude (H) 8.0[1]

2007 VL305 is a Neptune trojan discovered on November 4, 2007, by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. It was first imaged in November 2005, and was the sixth such object to be discovered.[3] It has the same orbital period as Neptune and orbits at the L4 Lagrangian point about 60 degrees ahead of Neptune.[3]

It has an inclination of 28 degrees.[1][3] As of September 2009, this is the highest inclination of any known Neptune trojan.[3]

With an absolute magnitude of 8.0,[1][3] it has a diameter in the range of 65 to 150 km.[4]

It has been observed 24 times over 4 oppositions.[1]


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