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In Computing:

  • Advanced Systems Format (formerly "Advanced Streaming Format", .asf), a Microsoft streaming format associated with Windows Media Player.
  • Advanced Synchronization Facility, AMD's proposed extension to the x86 instruction set architecture that adds hardware transactional memory support.
  • as file-extension for APL data files: the standard way for APL programs to store data on disk: filename.asf
  • Algebraic Specification Formalism and the corresponding file extension. Used in the ASF+SDF Meta Environment.
  • Alert Standard Format, a protocol for remote management and control of systems in OS-absent environments.
  • Anti Spam Filtering, a dedicated software and hardware protection layers using anti-spam techniques to fight email spam.
  • Apache Software Foundation, the umbrella non-profit organization that technically 'owns' the Apache brandname, and protects and promotes its projects.
  • Alternating Sequential Filter, an image processing morphological method for smoothing objects in binary images, by using a sequence of opening and closing operations.[1]

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