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Abyale is a Franco-African dance music singer who had success in the 1990s. Her songs "I Don't Talk about Love" (#28 on the French SNEP Singles Chart)[1] and "I Wanna Be Your Love Too" were hits in France. She stopped her career for a while in 1995 when she had a son, then participated in TV adverts and music of opening credits for series. Her second album was then released in 2009. She is also member of "les Reines de Saba", a vocal quartet.[2] Universal Music considered her as "one of the new divas of the dance new soul".[3]



  • 1993 : Nightbuzz
  • 2009 : A Shade of Blue
  • 2012 : Soul Train


  • 1990 : "I Wanna Be Your Lover Too"
  • 1991 : "I don't talk about L.O.V.E." – #28 in France
  • 1992 : "A Kiss from Paris"
  • 1992 : "The Snooker"
  • 1993 : "I Wanna Find Somebody"


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