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Industry Journalism
Predecessor(s) Kronos (founded in 1951) and Agenzia Di Notizie (founded in 1959)
Founded 1963 (by merger of Kronos and Agenzia Di Notizie)
Products News agency
Parent Giuseppe Marra Communications

 •, agency's official website (in Italian)
 •, agency's official English-language website

 • agency's official Arabic-language website

Adnkronos is an Italian news agency.


It was established in 1963 by a merger of two agencies, Kronos (founded in 1951) and Agenzia Di Notizie (founded in 1959).

The agency is owned by Giuseppe Marra Communications.

In 2003, it launched its International office (Adnkronos International), with news and reports in Arabic and English, mainly from the Arab world.

The agency also publishes Il libro dei fatti, the Italian edition of the World Almanac.

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