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Adventure Cycling Association
Formation 1973
Legal status Active

The Adventure Cycling Association is a national cycling association in the United States which provides services for cycle-tourists, publishes maps and campaigns for better cycling facilities. Its headquarters are in Missoula, Montana. Its origins are in a mass cross-country ride from the Pacific to the Atlantic in 1976, celebrating the bicentennial of the United States. It is also the publisher of Adventure Cyclist Magazine.


The Adventure Cycling Association was founded in 1973 under the name of Bikecentennial by Dan and Lys Burden and Greg and June Siple. They planned a cross-country bicycle event to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States. More than 4,000 cyclists took part in the 1976 inaugural tours. Once the event was completed, the organization lived on and became Adventure Cycling, a non-profit member organization. Adventure Cycling's mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle for fun, fitness, and self-discovery. Adventure Cycling calls itself America's bicycle travel inspiration and resource, offering many programs for cyclists, including a national network of bicycle touring routes and organized trips. Its most popular route is the TransAmerica Trail (formerly the Bikecentennial Trail) which runs between Astoria, Oregon and Yorktown, Virginia. The route network contains more than 38,000 miles of road and mountain bike routes.

Adventure Cycling has also developed the Pedal Pioneers Guide, a manual for planning and leading youth bicycle tours. The guide is a detailed how-to for adults who want to plan and execute youth bicycle touring projects, whether a weekend tour of local roads or a cross-country adventure that takes an entire summer.

Adventure Cycling's headquarters are located in Missoula, Montana in the northern Rocky Mountains. Many cyclists make a point of riding through Missoula. Cyclists who come during business hours or on Saturday mornings in summer enjoy free ice cream, catch up on email, ask advice, and may be photographed for the association's collection.

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