Aeronor Flight 304

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Aeronor Flight 304
Accident summary
Date December 9, 1982
Summary Engine failure
Site Near La Florida Airport, La Serena
Passengers 42
Crew 4
Injuries (non-fatal) 0
Fatalities 46
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Fairchild F-27
Operator Aeronor Chile
Registration CC-CJE
Flight origin Los Cerrillos Airport, Santiago, Chile
Destination Cerro Moreno International Airport, Antofagasta

Aeronor Flight 304 was an aircraft that crashed on December 9, 1982 near La Florida Airport, in the Chilean city of La Serena. On that occasion, 46 people died. All of them were aboard the aircraft.[1]


A Fairchild F-27 of Aeronor Chile was flying from Santiago to Antofagasta, with stops in La Serena and Copiapó.

The plane took off from Santiago at 09:40 (UTC-4), spotting the city of La Serena at 10:25. A few minutes before it was scheduled to land at La Florida Airport, the aircraft suffered a malfunction in one of its motors. After this, at 10:29, the plane crashed into a stone wall located in the area called "Parcela Seis" (Lot Six) at Alfalfares, located approximately 800 meters northeast of the local air terminal. It is estimated that the plane crashed at a speed of 180 km/h.

After the aircraft crashed, it burned almost completely. The fire companies of La Serena and Coquimbo responded to the tragedy, with police and local hospitals personnel. Only the tail was almost complete, with the rest of the airplane completely burned. Thus, the 46 occupants were killed almost immediately.

Initially, the accident was mistaken for an airline emergency drill at the airport in La Serena which had developed a few hours before the tragedy. However, a team of Canal 8 UCV TV, who was shooting scenes of the simulation, managed to capture the Aeronor plane on fire shortly after falling to earth. The images were broadcast that night on the local news programme, and were subsequently broadcast nationally on Teletrece, the newscast of Canal 13. Similarly, a team from the local newspaper El Día conducted an extensive display, which culminated in the publication the day after of extensive journalistic and graphic material about the tragedy.[2]


The four crew members of the plane were pilot Jorge Erlandsen, co-pilot Mario Franjola, and hostesses Marta Martínez and Elisa Palacios. The 42 passengers were 22 men and 20 women.

Among those killed was a journalist from the newspaper La Tercera, Silvia Pinto, with an extensive background in Chilean press. Two American nuns were also killed, both belonging to the Maryknoll congregation.


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