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"Affect" is as an action or verb, affect means to change, and usually refers to an emotion or symptom. Affected, when used in a description, refers to fake or intentionally assumed behavior (a changed behavior), i.e., an affected accent. Affect can refer to facial expression or demeanor.

In general, to affect refers to the influence a change has on something. When used as a verb, "Affect" refers to the cause of a change, or as a synonym for "created" or "made" ("The governor affected a change in policy"); while "Effect" refers to the consequences of that change ("The new policy really affected our family") ( " That policy had a positive effect on our family"). "Effect" is often misused as in ("The governor effected a change in policy"). This is a part of the confusion of the proper use of "affect" and "effect". "Effect is the result of some "Affect"ed action.

As a noun, "affect" may refer to an emotion or to a psychological/psychiatric state (see below). As an adjective, it may refer to an assumed pretense: "Her affected accent really had an effect on me"; "Her affected* accent really affected* my view of her". (* Notice that both uses of Affected* are actions).

Affect may refer to:

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