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Aggy may be a diminutive form of the given names Agnatha, Agamemnon, Agata, Agatha, Agnes or Aigerim. It may also be a diminutive form of a family name that begins with 'Ag-'. See also Aggie. In more recent times, it is currently being used as a form of slang in the American culture.

People who are known as 'Aggy' include:

  • Aggy, a character from 19th century historical novel The Pioneers
  • Aggy, a character from 2005 children's movie Nanny McPhee
  • Aggy Hobbs, 'privileged slave' and mistress of Armistead Burwell; mother of Elizabeth Keckly, White House seamstress
  • Aggy Read, Australian croquet champion and film director associated with Ubu Films
  • Agyness Deyn, English model
  • Gabriel Agbonlahor, a footballer for Aston Villa and England
  • Aggy Dee, a tattoo artist (London,UK)

Places known as 'Aggy' include:

The Aggy is a popular hairstyle, originally designed by Sam McKnight for model Agyness Deyn.

Aggy as slang, the word derives from the adjectives 'aggressive' and 'agitated' and is the emotion felt when seriously angered and annoyed, or aggravated.

AGGY is the ICAO code for Yandina Airport.

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