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For the village in Iran, see Ahlam, Iran.
Ahlam AlShamsi
Birth name Ahlam Ali AlShamsi
Born (1969-02-13) February 13, 1969 (age 46)
Genres Arabic Music
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1994–present
Labels Platinum Records
Website http://ahlam-alshamsi.com/

Ahlam Ali Al Shamsi (Arabic: أحلام علي الشامسي‎) (born 1969), commonly known as Ahlam (Arabic: أحلام‎) is an Emirati female singer from UAE. In 2006, she signed to the major record label, Rotana. She has released a total of ten albums including two successful ones, El Thokol Sana'a (2006) and Hatha Ana (2009) under its name.[1][2] She is popular throughout the Arab World, particularly among Arab nations of the Persian Gulf. In 2011, Ahlam joined MBC's Arab Idol judging panel alongside Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama and Egyptian composer Hassan El Shafei.[3]


Ahlam bint Ali bin Hazeem alshamsi was born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She is married to the famous Qatari rally champion, Mubarak Al-Hajiri, with whom she has three children. She is one of the Arab Stars in the Middle East. Mohammed Abdo, a prominent and well-known musician within the Arab world, gave her the nickname: Star of the Gulf.[citation needed] Ahlam was crowned Queen at the Festival in Doha 2003, Qatar.[4]

She's participated in many festivals around the United Arab Emirates, particularly the "Layali Dubai" festival. She has also been honored at several festivals in Kuwait. She was crowned Queen of the Festival in the Doha-Qatar festival in 2003.[4]


She performed at the Unisco Festival and Ledo Festival in France where she was the first Arab singer that sang twice. She also had the honour of performing at the Washington Festival in the USA, the Albert Hall Festival in the UK and many other Festivals in London.[4]


  • A'hbuk Moot (Arabic: أحبك موت‎) - 1995, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Ma'aa Al Salamah (Arabic: مع السلامه‎) - 1996, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Kaif Artha (Arabic: كيف أرضي‎) - 1997, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Ma yeseh Ela El Saheeh (Arabic: مايصح الإ الصحيح ‎) - 1998, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Tabee'ee (Arabic: طبيعي‎) - 1999, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Mekhtlef (Arabic: مختلف‎) - 2000, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Le Elmak Bas (Arabic: لعلمك بس‎) - 2001, Funnon Al Emarat
  • Ahsan (Arabic: أحسن‎) - 2003, Alam El Phan
  • El Thokol Sana'a (Arabic: التقل صنعه‎) - 2006, Rotana Records
  • Hatha Ana (Arabic: هذا أنا‎) - 2009, Rotana Records[5]


  • Ahbak Moot (1995), Funoon Al Emarat [4]
  • Ma'aa Al Salamah (1996), Funoon Al Emarat
  • Kaif Artha (1997), Funoon Al Emarat
  • Ma yeseh Ela El Saheeh (1998), Funoon Al Emarat
  • Tabee'ee (1999), Funoon Al Emarat
  • Mekhtlef (2000), Funoon Al Emarat
  • Le Elmak Bas (2001), Funnon Al Emarat)
  • Ahsan (2003), alam alfan
  • El Thokol Sana'a (2006), Rotana Records
  • Hatha Ana (2009), Rotana Records
  • Maw3edak (2013), Rotana Records
  • Abtahadak (2015), Platinum Records

Awards and nominations[edit]

She was rewarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the United Arab Emirates by his Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed at the "Lamst Wafa" honouring Event. On July 21, 2011, it was announced that Ahlam would be on the judging panel of "Arab Idol", the Arabic version of the American Idol. Based on online statistics, Ahlam is first in terms of social media followers in the Middle East, one of the most active people online and her name has been one of the most searched keywords in the Google search engine.[4]


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