Aka Morchiladze

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Giorgi Akhvlediani
Born Giorgi Akhvlediani
November 10, 1966
Tbilisi, Georgia
Pen name Aka Morchiladze
Occupation novelist,
Literary movement Postmodernism

Aka Morchiladze (Georgian: აკა მორჩილაძე) is the pen name of Giorgi Akhvlediani (გიორგი ახვლედიანი) (born November 10, 1966), a Georgian writer and literary historian who authored some of the best-selling prose of post-Soviet Georgian literature. Morchiladze’s work shows Georgian literature's reorientation in the early 21st century toward Western influences.

Born in Tbilisi, Morchiladze graduated in 1988 from the Department of History, Tbilisi State University, where he has since taught. In the early 1990s, he worked as a journalist for yellow papers and Rezonansi Daily. Now he is a freelance author and publishes essays and columns in numerous Georgian magazines and newspapers.


  • Dogs of Paliashvili Street (1995)
  • Flight over Madatov Island and Back (1998)
  • To Disappear on Madatov Island (2001)
  • Whale on Madatov Island (2004)
  • Witches of Christmas Eve (2001)
  • A Trip to Karabakh (1992) (Made into A film)
  • To Play a Patience in August (2001)
  • The Other (2002)
  • Christmas Night Witches (2002)
  • Old Refugee Shop (2003)
  • Santa Esperanza (2004)
  • Mr Deaxley's Silent Box (2005)
  • Maid in Tiflis (2007)
  • Secret keeper's Belt (2008)
  • Dream of Venus (2006)
  • Paper Bullet (2004)

He won Major Georgian literary award SABA four times for Novel of The Year. Some of his novels were filmed and staged.


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