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Alan Spaulding
Guiding Light character
Portrayed by
Duration 1977–84, 1986–90, 1994–2009
First appearance November 7, 1977
Last appearance September 16, 2009
Created by Bridget and Jerome Dobson
Introduced by Allen M. Potter
Occupation CEO of Spaulding Enterprises
Former Executive at Spaulding Enterprises
Part owner of the Lewis Construction building
Owner of The Springfield Journal
Board member at Cedars Hospital
Former President of Spaulding Enterprises
Temporarily owned Lews Oil
Former President of Advantage Systems
Former Owner of the newspaper, The Mirror
Residence Spaulding Mansion

Alan Spaulding is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. He was played by Christopher Bernau from the time of the character's introduction on November 7, 1977 until June 1988, when Bernau left the role due to health problems (he died of AIDS in 1989); Daniel Pilon stepped into the role from 1988 until Alan was sent to prison in 1989. From 1994 through the series' 2009 conclusion, the character was played by Ron Raines.

Character history[edit]

Alan Spaulding resided in Chicago with his wealthy family prior to his move to Springfield in 1977. At that time, he was married to Elizabeth but was obviously having more than a business relationship with his nurse Diane Ballard who eventually became his executive assistant at Spaulding Enterprises. He is the adoptive father of Phillip Spaulding who didn't know the truth until he was older. Elizabeth eventually became tired of Alan's philandering and divorced him. Alan began to date the much younger Hope Bauer whom he married in 1980. They had a son together, Alan-Michael Spaulding, but divorced after his affair with Rita Bauer who was married to Hope's uncle, Ed. In 1980, Jennifer Richards came to town, and it was revealed that Amanda Wexler was their illegitimate daughter, a secret Amanda's adoptive mother, Lucille, was desperate to keep. It came out when Jennifer went on trial for Lucille's murder. His 1980-81 affair with Rita may have resulted in a child as well (it was suggested that Rita was pregnant when she left town, though this was never resolved). Alan was blackmailed over the years by several people who threatened to reveal that Phillip was adopted; his biological parents are Justin Marler and Jackie Marler, née Scott, who later married Alan. He was instrumental in helping Roger Thorpe escape from Springfield although crooked dealings between the two made them life-long enemies. Alan was one of the major suspects in Diane Ballard's murder in late 1981 and even went on the run when he knew that the police were closing in even though he was innocent. In late 1983, Alan was intrumental in bringing Reva Shayne to town to help him break up Billy Lewis and Vanessa Chamberlain whom Alan wanted to marry. Alan was very close to his sister Alexandra growing up, and planned a masked ball in her honor when she came to town in 1984. She was initially seeking revenge for his part in their father, Brandon's taking away her illegitimate son, and blackmailed him into giving her control of Spaulding when she learned of his dealings with Beth Raines' adoptive father, Bradley. Alan disappeared in the jungle, fleeing bullets during the notorious "Dreaming Death" scare which cost several Springfield residents their lives.

Two years later, Alan turned up very much alive, having plotted with India Von Halkein and her father to take over Spaulding. A battle between Alexandra and Alan exploded but they eventually came to an understanding. Alan and Vanessa once again became involved and were briefly engaged, but his fascination with Reva lead to her leaving town and ending their relationship for good. Alan was horrified when he learned that new Spaulding employee Blake Lindsey was really Christina Thorpe, Roger's daughter. When Alexandra was stranded on a desert island, she met a man named Adam and brought him back to Springfield. In the middle of Blake and Philip's wedding, the truth about Roger was revealed, and a horrified Alan shot Philip accidentally while aiming at Roger. He was sent to prison, periodically appearing as he revealed to Philip the shocking secret that Beth Raines, his long-time love, had not drowned, but was still alive, and living with amnesia.

Thanks to good behavior while in prison, Alan was released early in 1994 and showed up in Springfield in hiding while returning to prison on occasion to pretend to his family he was still there. Three women were vital to Alan getting his power at Spaulding back: Alexandra, Vanessa and Blake, and he had something on all of them. Aiding Alan in his schemes was Roger Thorpe whom he promised a future at Spaulding to if he could only cajole Alexandra into giving him back the stocks of his which she held. Alan also pretended to be dying in order to gain sympathy. Alexandra relented into returning his shares but furiously slugged him when she learned the truth. However, in true Alexandra fashion, she forgave him, and they agreed to co-chair the company while giving the now grown Alan Michael the C.E.O. position. When Amanda came back to town, it was soon revealed that she was not Alan's daughter, but his sister through an affair her mother Jennifer had with Brandon. Philip returned to town in 1996 and revealed that one of the family members with the initial "A" had framed him for murder in order to get him out of the way. Although Amanda was the obvious suspect, it turned out to be Alan. With Alan Michael married to Lucy Cooper and out of town, Alexandra off to Europe with her son (Lujack's twin, Nick McHenry) and Amanda leaving for California with her new husband, Roger, Spaulding Enterprises was pretty much left to Philip and Alan for several years, changing when Alexandra came back in 2002.

Alexandra's return brought out the presence of another Spaulding son. Augustico "Gus" Aitoro was the product of an affair between Alan and a Spaulding maid, and knowing that Alan wasn't ready for the responsibility of a family, the young Alexandra arranged for Gus to be adopted. Gus, brought up in a working class family, didn't accept the wealthy Spaulding lifestyle, but time would bring them closer.

Alan was for a while married to Beth Raines. However, after her miscarriage, they eventually divorced. Alan soon remarried on 16 February 2007. His new wife was DA Doris Wolfe due to blackmail regarding Tammy Winslow's death and Alan's involvement. Alan was shot during the reception, and it was later revealed to be by his new stepdaughter Ashlee Wolfe. At present Alan's ex-wife Beth Raines is expecting his child. However, due to Cassie, he is unaware of this and believes, along with Beth and Rick Bauer, that the child is Rick's. Beth and Rick have since married July 2007.

Alan and Doris annulled their marriage in May 2007. It's the polar opposite of the storyline of Alan-Olivia-Phillip when she was married to Alan and pregnant and they thought it was Alan's child but it was Phillip's. Alan and Olivia divorced, and she remarried Phillip and had Emma. Alan has several grandchildren: a newly discovered grandson, Rafael "Rafe" Rivera (Gus Aitoro & Natalia Rivera), and no grandchildren by Alan-Michael. He then has four grandchildren by his adopted son Phillip: Elizabeth and James (Phillip & Beth Raines), Zach (Phillip & Harley Cooper), and Emma (Phillip & Olivia Spencer). Alan also has one great-granddaughter, Sarah (Lizzie & Jonathan). The child that Alan and Beth had is named Payton Spaulding. She is aunt to Lizzie, James, Zach, Emma, Rafe and Sarah.

Alan has committed many terrible deeds in his life, but perhaps his most evil act on the show was the incident resulting in Tammy Layne Winslow's death in January 2007. Alan had planned to have Jonathan Randall killed and make it look like a hit and run. However, Tammy pushed Jonathan out of the way and sacrificed herself to save her true love. Alan was not convicted of this crime, but everyone in Springfield knows he did it. This has also led to the down-spiraling of Cassie Winslow's sanity at the loss of her daughter. She continues to blame Alan for Tammy's death and is actively seeking vengeance.

During the reception of his wedding to Doris on February 16, 2007, Alan is shot and remains in critical condition for several weeks. He awakens as a new man full of love and forgiveness, but he soon reverts to his evil self. The shooter was his stepdaughter Ashlee Wolfe February 20, 2007. It was revealed on April 4, 2007. He saves Reva's life, and to keep each other from telling anyone, Reva moves into the Spaulding mansion.

Alan volunteers to have a transplant, an extremely risky surgery to save his son Phillip's life, in September 2009. While recovering from the transplant, Alan attends the Lewis/Cooper wedding with four generations of Spauldings, Alan peacefully dies on Tuesday September 15, 2009, on a bench in front of a lake. He is cremated, and the private, family-only funeral is held on Thursday, September 17, 2009. They put his remains in the same lake where he died.

The Spaulding Empire[edit]

  • Alexandra Spaulding - Alan Spaulding's older sister, currently chair of Spaulding Enterprises. Inherited bulk of father Brandon Spaulding's fortune after making peace with him before his death and with Alan being presumed dead at the time in 1984. Her son Nick will presumably inherit her estate upon her death.
  • Phillip Granville Spaulding - Alan's adopted son, inherited the bulk of Alan's estate. Currently CEO of Spaulding Enterprises
  • Alan-Michael Spaulding - Alan's youngest son . Alan-Michael was said to inherit one penny from his estate.
  • Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lillian Spaulding - Alan's granddaughter via Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines. Lizzie is the apple of Alan's eye and holds a trust fund and a position as an heiress to the Spaulding empire.
  • James Alexander Spaulding - Alan's grandson via Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines. James holds a trust fund and a position as an heir to the Spaulding empire equal to that of his sister Elizabeth.
  • Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding - Alan's grandson via Phillip Spaulding and Harley Cooper. Harley has refused to allow Zach an inheritance from the Spaulding family until he is of legal age.
  • Emma Spaulding - Alan's granddaughter via Phillip Spaulding and Olivia Spencer will receive nothing from the estate due to Alan's disapproval of Olivia's lesbian relationship with Natalia.
  • Sarah Elizabeth Randall - Alan's great-granddaughter via Lizzie Spaulding and Jonathan Randall. She is the only great-grandchild heir to the Spaulding fortune.
  • Amanda Spaulding - Alan Spaulding's oldest daughter, Later revealed as Alan Sister. Controlled Spaulding Enterprises with Phillip from March 1997 until departure in March 1998. Amanda currently lives abroad.
  • Beth Raines Spaulding - Alan Spaulding's 5th wife (2005-2007) and the ex-wife of his son Phillip Spaulding, and the mother of two of Alan's grandchildren. Beth seems to be the current love of Alan's life and holds a trust fund in his will. Recently in 2008, Beth gave birth to Alan's daughter and sometime between 2009-2010 remarries Phillip.
  • Augustico "Gus" Aitoro - Alan's illegitimate son. Deceased
  • 'Raphael "Rafe" Joseph Rivera - Gus Aitoro illegitimate son and Alan's illegitimate grandson. He left enough money to take care of him, but was cut out of much of the will due his disapproval of the lesbian relationship Natalia was in with Olivia.
  • Peyton Alexandra Spaulding His newborn daughter Peyton was provided for through a trust to be administered by her mother Beth.
  • Victoria Brandon Spaulding - Alexandra & Alan's niece via their late African American sister Victoria Spaulding. Vicky, much like her mother, was not close with Alan.

The Spaulding Family Tree[edit]

  • Alexander Spaulding (deceased)
  • Herbert Spaulding 1st(deceased)
    • (unknown woman)(deceased)
      • Herbert Spaulding 2nd (Brandon's cousin, deceased)

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