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Aleksander Gieysztor, 1995

Aleksander Gieysztor (July 17, 1916, Moscow, Russian Empire – February 9, 1999, Warsaw, Poland) was a Polish historian medievalist.

He was born in Moscow in Polish family. He was living in Warsaw since 1921. In 1937 he graduated in history at Warsaw University.

He was married to Irena Gieysztorowa, a historian.

Gieysztor is the namesake of the Aleksander Gieysztor Prize of the Kronenberg Foundation and the Aleksander Gieysztor Academy of Humanities.



  • Ze studiów nad genezą wypraw krzyżowych (1948)
  • Zarys nauk pomocniczych historii (1948), a textbook
  • Zarys dziejów pisma łacińskiego (1972)
  • Mitologia Słowian (1982)


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