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For the Scottish footballer, see Alex Lindsay (footballer). For the New Zealand violinist and conductor, see Alex Sylvester Lindsay.
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Alex Ben Lindsay, born July 10, 1971, and founder of the Pixel Corps, a company involved with computer graphics and computer animation. Alex spent several years on the production of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (at JAK Films and then at Industrial Light and Magic). Alex has taught at the Academy of Art and at the San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Programs. He writes for 3D Magazine, 3D World and Post.[disambiguation needed] Alex was a regular guest on the US cable channel TechTV, and has appeared as a guest on G4techTV Canada's television show The Lab with Leo Laporte.

Alex participates in Macbreak Weekly, a weekly talk show/podcast on the TWiT network. A running joke in the show is that Alex tends to recommend to listeners products with exorbitant price tags, on average US $700, the price of Adobe Photoshop. The panel has therefore created a unit of currency, the “Alex”.[1] Other guests on the show will refer to the cost of their picks in relation to an "Alex" or fractions thereof. If the pick is a free tool or download it will cost "zero Alexes”. If it cost $1400, it is "2 Alexes".[citation needed]

Lindsay is an occasional co-host on This Week in Photography (TWiP) along with Frederick V. Johnson, which revolves around photography news, interviews, and tips.

Through 2011 Lindsay also hosted and produced This Week in Media, a weekly podcast produced by Pixel Corps. Lindsay also produced MacBreak, a video podcast shot in 1080p.


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