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Alexander Ahndoril and his wife Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril at the Gothenburg Book Fair in September 2010

Alexander Ahndoril (born 20 January 1967 in Stockholm)[1]) is a Swedish novelist and playwright. His best-selling novel, Regissören, about the film maker Ingmar Bergman, was published in English translation as The Director in 2008 and in Italian translation as Il regista in 2011 (Cagliari: Aìsara [1]).[2] Ahndoril was longlisted for The Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2009.[3]

His 2009 novel, The Hypnotist, was written together with his wife, Alexandra, using the pen name Lars Kepler. It is a crime fiction thriller - a first for them, and thus the pseudonym. A sequel, The Nightmare, which also features the Stockholm police detective Joona Linna, was published in 2010 in Sweden and then in English in 2012.

The books have sold more than 1.5 million copies in Sweden alone and have been translated into various languages. The Hypnotist has been released as a motion picture and a two further Jonna Linna thrillers have been completed, "The Fire Witness" and "The Sandman".


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