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Block of flats at 3 Marii Grzegorzewskiej Street in Warsaw, where Alternatywy 4 was shot

Alternatywy 4 (pol. 4 Alternative (Disjunction) Street, secondary meaning four disjunctions) was a Polish comedy TV series that was finished in 1983. Many famous Polish actors appeared in the series. The filming location used in Alternatywy 4 was a residential complex which is still in existence at 3 Marii Grzegorzewskiej Street in Warsaw, Poland. The series was a satire to the communist rule in Poland, spoken in a way that it passed through communist censorship office.


  1. Przydział (The Assignment)
  2. Przeprowadzka (Moving in)
  3. Pierwsza noc (The First Night)
  4. Profesjonaliści (The Professionals)
  5. 20-ty stopień zasilania (The Blackout)
  6. Gołębie (The Pigeons)
  7. Spisek (The Plot)
  8. Wesele (The Wedding)
  9. Upadek (The Fall)


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