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Amma means 'Mother' in many languages.
It is used in Telugu (అమ్మ), Tamil (அம்மா), Kannada (ಅಮ್ಮ), Malayalam (അമ്മ) and Sinhala (අම්මා).
In second families, Amma can refer to a stepmother who assumes motherly roles for her step children.

Amma or AMMA may refer to:

As acronym
  • Amma, Iran, a village in Ilam Province, Iran
  • Amma, the supreme creator according to the Dogon people of Mali
  • Amma, ("grandmother"), the ancestress of the freemen, or churls, in Norse mythology; see Rígsþula
  • Amma, the Ashanti name for Ghanaian girls and women born on Saturday (also spelt Ama)