Amos Horev

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Amos Horev
Amos horev.jpeg
Born 1924
Jerusalem, British Mandate of Palestine (now Jerusalem, Israel)
Nationality Israeli
Education Technion; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BA and Master's in mechanical engineering)
Known for former IDF Major-General; President of Technion; military expert; nuclear scientist
Title Professor
Spouse(s) Shoshana Horev[1]
Children Yehiam (son)[2]

Amos Horev (born 1924, Jerusalem) is an Israeli military official and expert. He served as a Haganah fighter before the founding of the state, and was later an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Major-General, Chief of Ordnance and subsequently Quartermaster General and Chief Scientist of the IDF, nuclear scientist, President of Technion University, and Chairman of Rafael.[3][4][5][6][7][8] In June 2010, he was appointed to the Israeli special independent Turkel Commission of Inquiry into the Gaza flotilla raid.[9]


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