Amy Blue

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Amy Blue
Origin London, United Kingdom
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2003–present
Associated acts evol-i
The Ark Sakura
Lunar Jetman
Members Simon Chatterton
Trevor Hatton
JP Rutter
Lex Sampson

Amy Blue is a British alternative rock band composed of Simon Chatterton (guitar), JP Rutter (guitar), Lex Sampson (drums). The name of the group was taken from the name of Rose McGowan's character in the 1995 Gregg Araki movie The Doom Generation.


Amy Blue was formed in February 2003 by Simon Chatterton and JP Rutter. Chatterton was previously known for performing solo shows while at university in Northampton under nom de plume evol-i, and was a roadie for local hardcore band Jnr Loaded. The band took its roots from combining a mix of industrial noise and quiet atmospherics with traditional songwriting, all crafted for the best part of two years in a boiler room in Soho, London. The sound gradually shifted towards a "wall of noise" style reminiscent of early 1990s shoegaze and grunge with glitch and IDM influences also at the forefront.

The band's first loud and energetic live shows consisted of Chatterton, Rutter and a laptop. December 2005 saw the release of their eponymous EP, which consisted of My Bloody Valentine-esque shoegaze noise crossed with electronic industrial punk pop. The sleeve was a manipulation of a Francis Bacon painting to emphasise the record's gothic feel without being labeled as such.

In December 2006, the band leaked tracks from their first EP as unreleased demos by The Smashing Pumpkins, long before any of the other band's new material had been revealed. Spin writer Billy Goodman interviewed Chatterton (referred in the final article as Simon Chatterman) to find out the origins of the songs and the hoax, which Chatterton admitted was to "piss off a few file-sharers".[1]

Bassist Danny Legg joined in June 2006, followed by drummer Lex Sampson in February 2007. The band recorded their debut album, The Fortress & The Fatalist in winter 2007 that was released on iTunes in June 2009 and attracted some favourable reviews from music sites and fanzines that all differed in opinions on how the eclectically styled record sounded. Following a string of loud and energetic shows Danny Legg left the band amicably in 2008, the band then recruited Trevor Hatton, formerly of Lunar Jet Man.

2011 saw the release of compilation The Tinder Tape prior to the April release of the four track EP On the Pleasure of Hating which again was reviewed positively for its more direct and dark sound. Amy Blue have been regular guests at the Brixton Windmill's Retrofests for the last few years, which pay homage to the alternative bands of the 90's.

Focusing on recording for much of 2010-12, the band finally completed A Hero Of Our Time. The new record is scheduled to be released early in 2013 after two years of work on it and three aborted attempts to record, but it showcases a stronger and more dynamic sound than previous records due to the band self recording and producing this time. The theme of the songs is loosely based on Mikhail Lermontov's Russian literary classic of the same name. Hatton appears on the record but was ejected soon after.

A follow-up to A Hero Of Our Time is currently being written, with aims to produce a double/triple album for release by the end of 2013 on the band's own label, The World Is Fucked Recordings.


  • 2004: Enjoy!: 1. Subject Out Of Depth, 2. Follow You To School, 3. I Don't Feel Sorrow, 4. Cambria
  • 2005: Eponymous: 1. The Language of Ghosts, 2. Won't You Follow Me, 3. Silvery Sea, 4. Angel of Chaos
  • 2007: Red Headed Stepchild Records Sampler: UK indie-label compilation features Won't You Follow Me and The Language of Ghosts.
  • 2009: The Fortress & The Fatalist: 1. The End of the World, 2. Leeches, 3. Not On My Watch, 4. The Yellow House, 5. Amy Dates Destiny, 6. White Noise, 7. Itch, 8. Speak of the Devil
  • 2010: Pavement Ist Rad Compilation: UK indie-label compilation features Amy Blue's cover of Pavement's song Fight This Generation.
  • 2011: The Tinder Tape: Ten track compilation of acoustic and electronic tracks.
  • 2011: On the Pleasure of Hating: 1. The Fatalist, 2. Kill Them With Death, 3. Scissors, 4. Entropy for Atrophy
  • 2013: A Hero Of Our Time: 1. On The Way, 2. Birthday Girl, 3. Pathetic Lie, 4. Mascara, 5. Unrepentant, 6. Song of Lies, 7. Forcing The End, 8. Ground Zero, 9. Scissors II, 10. A Hero Of Our Time


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