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Anders Björler
Anders Björler, Stockholm 2011.jpg
Anders Björler, Stockholm 2011
Background information
Birth name Anders Martin Björler[1]
Born (1973-02-26) 26 February 1973 (age 41)
Genres Melodic death metal, death metal, thrash metal, groove metal, Instrumental, Progressive, Jazz
Occupation(s) Musician, film director, film editor
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1990–present
Labels Century Media, Earache, Peaceville
Associated acts At the Gates, The Haunted, Liers in Wait, Anders Bjorler Solo Project

Anders Björler (born 26 February 1973) is a musician from Sweden. He is the current lead guitarist for the melodic death metal band At the Gates, and the former lead guitarist for heavy metal band The Haunted. He is also a film director and editor, running his own production company.

Music biography[edit]

At the Gates (1990-1996, 2007-)[edit]

Heralded as one of the fathers of Gothenburg melodic death metal, he led At the Gates, an influential and popular death metal band. A founding member of At the Gates with his twin brother Jonas Björler, Tomas Lindberg, Alf Svensson, and Adrian Erlandsson, he wrote much of their material and went on to inspire many to follow their style of music.

In 1996 at the end of the European tours of their final album Slaughter of the Soul, At the Gates split up in 26 July.

In October 2007, At the Gates announced a final reunion for 2008, playing major European music festivals along with US / Japanese and Swedish tours, however, as of December 2010, they have reunited again to play more shows and the band will release a new album, entitled At War with Reality, in late 2014.


In the Spring of 1994, Björler became the sole guitarist of a band called Terror, with two of his At the Gates bandmates: Jonas Björler on bass & Adrian Erlandsson on drums, in addition with Jon Nödtveidt of Dissection on vocals. The band recorded a demo entitled Demo '94 at Studio Fredman,[2] distributed it in underground circuits around April 1994 and disbanded right after.

The Haunted (1996-2001, 2002-2012)[edit]

In September 1996, Björler replaced John Zwetsloot as the lead guitarist of The Haunted. Björler remained in the band until 2001, when he decided to focus on school studies, but in 2002 he returned & replaced Marcus Sunesson (the man who replaced Björler in 2001), after deciding the band was more important than his studies. Björler departed from the band again in October 2012 in order to concentrate on his solo project.[3]

Instrumental Project (Solo) (2013-)[edit]

Focuses around his love for Italian movie soundtracks from the 60′s-80′s and adds a healthy dose of English prog rock, jazz, post-rock and a pinch of Swedish folk music. First release 'Antikythera' was released by Anders Fridén (In Flames) on his label Razzia Notes Records.



  • When Sanity Ends (demo) (1990)


  • Demo '94 (1994)

At the Gates[edit]

  • Gardens of Grief (EP) - 1991
  • The Red In The Sky Is Ours - 1992
  • With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness - 1993
  • Terminal Spirit Disease - 1994
  • Slaughter Of The Soul - 1995
  • Suicidal Final Art (Collection) - 2001
  • At War with Reality - 2014

The Haunted[edit]

  • The Haunted - 1998
  • The Haunted Made Me Do It - 2000
  • Live Rounds In Tokyo (live) - 2001
  • One Kill Wonder - 2003
  • rEVOLVEr - 2004
  • The Dead Eye - 2006
  • Versus - 2008
  • Unseen - 2011

Anders Björler[edit]

  • Antikythera - 2013 (Razzia Notes Records)
  • Dreaming of Insomnia (Björler / Gabrielson) - 2013 (Digital Single)


  • "recording The Dead Eye" - The Haunted (2006) Behind the scenes feature, 20 minutes (directed, filmed, edited)
  • "The Drowning" - The Haunted (2007) Music Video (directed, filmed, edited)
  • "Moronic Colossus" - The Haunted (2008) Music Video (edited)
  • "Under A Serpent Sun - The Story Of At the Gates" - At the Gates Documentary (2009) On "The Flames of the End" DVD (directed, filmed, edited)
  • "Live at Wacken 2008" - At the Gates (2009) On "The Flames of the End" DVD (edited)
  • "Road Kill - On the Road With The Haunted" - The Haunted Documentary - DVD (directed, filmed, edited)
  • We Are The Void "Studio Report 2009" - Dark Tranquillity (Filmed & Edited)
  • Sounds of a Playground Fading "In The Studio/Studio Report" - In Flames (filming, editing & directing)
  • "No Ghost" - The Haunted (2011) Music Video (edited)
  • "Meshuggah In India" - Meshuggah (2011) Documentary / Tour footage (filmed, directed, edited)
  • "Konstrukting The Koloss" - Meshuggah (2012) Documentary / Behind The Scenes (filmed, directed, edited)
  • "In My Absence" - Dark Tranquillity (2012) Music Video (Misc live shots)
  • "Wise As A Serpent" - Spiritual Beggars (2013) Music Video (edited)

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