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Andreu Lacondeguy (born 12 January 1989) is a professional freestyle and freeride mountain biker from Barcelona, Spain. He began riding mountain bikes at the age of 10 and is known for being the third person to ever land a double backflip during a mountain bike contest.[1][unreliable source?] He has also participated in the prestigious event of Red Bull Rampage, and he won it in 2014. He is also known for his wild personality and reckless riding style.

His brother Luis is also a professional mountain biker. Andreu Lacondeguy is constantly pushing at the boundaries of mountain biking. “I can’t stay calm while riding. I always take risks, so if there are three rounds, I’ll fall in two of them and get it perfect in the last one. I always try to stretch myself to the limit.” It’s this attitude that’s made him a firm favourite with MTB fans around the world while high profile wins – including Crankworx, Whistler and The Red Bull Rampage – have helped establish him as mountainbiking’s hottest talent. Andreu and his brother Lluis, learnt their skills and showmanship in California, where they could practice with international stars such as Corey Nastasio. “We all know each other and the atmosphere is great. What’s more, we meet at all the competitions, so if someone comes up with a good trick, you feel happy for them even if they get in ahead of you.”

Now Andreu is on his way to the top of the class. He is best known as the first man to land a backflip from a snow-covered big air ramp on a mountain bike and is one of only three athletes to have landed a double backflip on a mountainbike in competition (the Snowboard Big Air World Cup in Graz in 2008).

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