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Andy Remic
Andy Remic
Born North Manchester
Nationality British
Genres Thrillers, science fiction and military science fiction

Andy Remic is a British author of thrillers, science fiction and military science fiction. His first three novels, Spiral (2003), Quake (2004) and Warhead (2005) were published by Orbit Books (a former division of Little, Brown & Co). His fourth novel War Machine was published in 2007 by Solaris Books, which were then followed by BioHell, Hardcore and Cloneworld, also in the Combat K universe.

Born in North Manchester, he is married with two children. He is a former English teacher, but now writes full-time. He occasionally visits science fiction conventions, as was seen at Novacon 37 where he did a reading from his new novel followed by Q&A, and was on a panel with Charles Stross, Eric Brown and Ian Watson.


Remic is the author of the Combat-K series of military science fiction for Solaris Books - Biohell was out in February 2009, and since then Remic has published Hardcore and Cloneworld.

He also wrote the Spiral series of novels for Orbit Books.

He also currently writes fast-paced fantasy novels in the style of David Gemmell, for Angry Robot Books. These are the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles, beginning with Kell's Legend, Soul Stealers and the upcoming Vampire Warlords.


Andy writes and occasionally acts in films for independent film company Grunge Films, based in the UK. He has made films promos for novels Kell's Legend and Hardcore, and a short film Chemical Man which has been accepted into several film festivals internationally.

Computer games[edit]

Andy Remic wrote a number of computer games, including several text adventures, for the ZX Spectrum in the 1980s and early 1990s. Some of these appeared on the cover-mounted cassettes that accompanied Crash magazine, and others were sold by mail order. Many of his games were produced under the name Psychedelic Hedgehog Software.

Remic revisited his Spectrum past in 2009 when he created a graphical text adventure to accompany his new novel, Biohell.


In 2011 Andy started his own ebook publishing company, Anarchy Books, dealing with digital "projects" that contain novels, albums, video games and films, so that any entertainment junkie can "pick and mix" their experience.


Novels include:

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