Ansar, Lebanon

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Ansar or Insar (Arabic أنصار, population 31,970) is a village in the Nabatieh Governorate region of southern Lebanon located between Nabatieh and Tyre, Lebanon, next to the village of doueir. During the Lebanese civil war in the 1980s it was the location of a detention camp for suspected Palestinian civilians and militiamen captured by the Israeli military in Lebanon. Prisoners were categorized and then either moved to more secure facilities or released. In August 1983, after several escape tunnels were discovered underground, the 5,000 inmates it had held at the time were moved. An Israel Army reservist who had served at Ansar was quoted in the newspaper Maariv claiming the camp was sitting on top of an underground tunnel system.[1]

In 2006, it was bombarded by Israel during escalating conflicts and 5 people were killed[2][3][4][5]

Ansar is the hometown of the poet and journalist Said Fayad (1921 - 2003).


Coordinates: 33°23′N 35°21′E / 33.383°N 35.350°E / 33.383; 35.350