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Anton Schlecker (born 28 October 1944 in Ehingen) is a German businessman, founder and owner of the Schlecker drug store chain in Germany.

He is married to Christa Schlecker and has two children, Lars Schlecker and Meike Schlecker, both active in the management of the Schlecker company.

At 21 he acquired the degree "Meister" butcher and took over the parental butcher's shop. In 1975 he built his first drug store in Kirchheim unter Teck. Two years later there were already more than 100 stores. As of 2003, there exist more than 13,000 stores across Europe, employing about 50,000 people and turning over about 6.55 billion euros.

As of July 2012 Anton Schlecker and Family have been declared bankrupt and all Schlecker stores have been closed and will be sold off by the appointed receivers.[1]

Schlecker kidnapping[edit]

In 1987 his two children – Meike and Lars – were kidnapped. After he paid 9.6 million marks of ransom they were released. 11 years later, Wilhelm Hudelmaier and Herbert Jacoby were arrested and convicted for the kidnapping.

Court case[edit]

In 1998 Schlecker and his wife were given a suspended sentence of ten months each and fined 1 million euros by the Regional Court in Stuttgart for deceiving Schlecker employees into believing they were paid according to going pay rates. Actually salaries were lower, something the court deemed fraud.


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