Cordillera Apolobamba

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Lake Suches.png
Laguna Suches in the Apolobamba Integrated Management Natural Area
Highest point
Peak Chawpi Urqu
Elevation 6,044 m (19,829 ft)
Coordinates 14°39′S 69°14′W / 14.650°S 69.233°W / -14.650; -69.233Coordinates: 14°39′S 69°14′W / 14.650°S 69.233°W / -14.650; -69.233
Cordillera de Apolobamba Bolivia Perú 69.27623W 14.png
Satellite image of Apolobamba
Countries Peru and Bolivia
Parent range Andes

Cordillera Apolobamba (Cordillera de Apolobamba) is a mountain range in the South American Andes.

Geographical Location[edit]

The Cordillera Apolobamba is located in the eastern borderland of Peru and Bolivia. On the Bolivian side it is situated in the La Paz Department and on the Peruvian side it lies in the Puno Region. It stretches across a distance of 50 km from east to west and 30 km from north to south.

Curva, the main locality of the Kallawaya-people is located 3,800 m above sea level.

Mountain Peaks[edit]

The most important mountain peaks of the Cordillera Apolobamba are Chawpi Urqu (6,044 m), Cololo (5,915 m), Palumani (5,730m), Nubi (5,710m), Canisaya (5,706m), Montserrat Norte (5,655m), Cuchillo (5,655m), Katantica Central (5,630m), Asu Q'arani (5,580 m) and Akamani (5,400m). Other notable peaks are:

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