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For the village in Iran, see Arbab, Iran.

Arbab (Urdu, Persian: ارباب‎) is a Persian word that means "boss", "master" and "landlord". It was a title used by tribal leaders in Middle East and South Asia. It is the title used by the heads of the Pashtun Kasi tribe in Balochistan. It is also used by the Samat[disambiguation needed] tribes like Sammo, Abro, Nohrio, and Jakhro tribes in Sindh. Nowadays, it is a common family name in Iran, Pakistan and some Arab countries.

"Arbabeh Kol" is a reference used to discuss Ramin and his fortunes amassed through the use of oil. It also reminds one of his countless assets and many travels to exotic locales where he has been the cause of many Sunday Confessions.


"The Lord,” used in Persian to signify any sort of owner or master. In modern Persian, it indicates a proprietor of rural land, and the adjective Arbābī is applied to a rural estate. It is not an Arabic word.

It is a family name ( نجیب زاده ) in the Middle East, especially in Iran. It indicates that those families have a notable background in the history of Iran and were mostly landlords, or heads of their tribes or states.

List of notable Arbabs[edit]

  • Arbab Haji Khamiso (Late) was born in 1870. He was member of Bombay legislative council from District Karachi. He died in 17 February 1929.
  • Arbab Gul Muhammed Memon (Late), was Muslim league district thatta president in 1955.
  • Arbab Ameer Ahmed Memon, owner of the Arbab Petroleum Service, darro district thatta.
  • Arbab Wazir Ahmed Memon , Ex-MPA Sindh, Ex-Minister Sindh, Ex-MNA Pakistan, Ex-PPP Youth President Sindh, District President Thatta 2005 and onwards.
  • Arbab Muhammad Ali (Late), Governor of Kermanshah, Iranian State, during kingdom rule.
  • Arbab Sarfaraz Khan (Late), Chief of Muhmand of Landi Arbab Nawab and Khan Bahadur title was also give to him during British rule.
  • Arbab Hussain Khan (Late), Chief of Muhmand of Landi Arbab,Nawab and Khan Bahadur title was also given to him.
  • Nawabzada Arbab Aslam khan (Late) of landi arbab Police officer during British rule.
  • Arbab Rameez Memon, Ex-Nazim Taluka Mirpur Bathoro, was allotted PPP Ticket for NA-238 in 2013 elections.
  • Arbab Kamran Wazir, a well known grower, was elected un-opposed Member District Council in 2013 from Ghot Kandhra, District Sujawal.
  • Arbab Gul Muhammed Memon Jr., is Chartered Accountant by profession actively involved in social work along with his colleagues in district Sujawal.
  • Arbab Salman Memon is currently working in Excise Department Sindh.
  • Arbab Muhammad Hayat (late),S.S.P Peshawar,SP Kohat (Eldest Son Of Nawabzada Arbab Aslam Khan)
  • Arbab Saleem khan late of landi arbab Deputy superintendent police in Bombay during British rule.
  • Khan Bahadur Arbab Wali Mohammad Khan (late) of Landi Arbab District and Session judge during British Rule.
  • Arbab Ayub Khan (late)
  • Arbab Noor Mohammad khan Late of Landi arbab Politician and member of first elected parliament of Pakistan .
  • Arbab Hidayat Ullah Khan, Inspector General Of Police (Retired)and a social worker.
  • Arbab Muhammad Farid, Retired Captain, Assistant Commissioner Tank, Deputy Commissioner Gujranwala, Political Agent Kurram Agency, Chief Election Commissioner NWFP, Anti Corruption Judge.
  • Arbab Nawab Khan Arian,Singer At BunkerZ Studio.Known As Anka.
  • Arbab Khushal Khan of Ambadher (1830-1904), the zildar and prominent landlord of Doaba, Ambadher, district charsadda.
  • Arbab Nasrullah Khan of Ambadher (1844-1930), the zildar of doaba and was also the father in law of Doctor Khan sahib (the brother of Baacha khan, the founder of Khudai khidmatgar takhrek.)
  • Arbab Ashraf Khan Late of Landi arbab Member Board,SEVP Senior Vice President National bank.
  • Arbab Saeed Ahmad Khan (Late), Commissioner Income Tax, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Joint secretary (Finance) Islamabad
  • Arbab Sikandar Hayat late of Landi arbab Principal of Islamia college. (For Four consecutive terms)
  • Arbab Safdar Hayat of landi arbab Rted (PMG) Post Master General N.W.F.P
  • Arbab Sabir Hayat of landi arbab Retd Director General Geological Survey Of Pakistan (Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources).
  • Arbab Anwar Hayat of Landi Arbab Retd SE Irrigation Department NWFP
  • Arbab Zahir Khan, Son of Arbab Noor Muhammad Khan, presently a State Minister for Defence, Federal Minister for Anti Narcotics Force and a worker of Awami National Party,
  • Arbab Waheed Alam, Additional Secretary Education n Environment depts.
  • Arbab Azhar, D.G Over Seas.
  • Arbab Abdul Wahid, late chairman of physics dept, pioneer of Islamia College Peshawar
  • Arbab Islamzeb Khan Of Landi arbab Rted Deputy Director Prisons KPK.
  • Arbab Waqar Ahmed of Landi arbab Superintendent Police (SP).
  • Arbab Ghiyas Ahmed Of Landi Arbab Deputy Director Anti Narcotics force (SP).
  • Arbab Maqsud khan Of Landi arbab R(col) Army.
  • Arbab Sardar khan of Landi arbab, famous Painter Pride of performance give to him by Govt.
  • Arbab Muahammad Atif, presently Lieutenant Colonel in Army
  • Arbab Muhammad Hamza, presently Pilot Officer in PAF
  • Arbab Ahmad Ali jan (K.B) I.C.S. first Pathan deputy commissioner of Peshawar in 1947, secretary general A.J.k, session judge, member constitution commission of Pakistan (1960).


Arbab Ghulam Habib of Daudzai Director Immigration.