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Coordinates: 46°25′38″N 30°46′00″E / 46.42722°N 30.76667°E / 46.42722; 30.76667

Arcadia beach
For the Oregon Arcadia Beach, see Arcadia Beach (Oregon).

Arcadia beach (Arkadia, Arkadiya) (Ukrainian: Пляж Аркадія, Russian: Пляж Аркадия) Playazh Arkadiya is Odessa, Ukraine's most famous beach. The beach was named after a mountainous district in Greece, which was known as the home of pastoral villagers.

The founders of Odessa chose this name for this area in the hopes it would help make is a success as a holiday resort. It worked, today Arcadia is the most popular beach, health resort, and summer nightspot in Odessa.[1] Its nightclubs are open from May through September, and are Odessa's primary nightlife during that time.


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