Arts Academy in the Woods

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Arts Academy in the Woods (AAW)
Established 2001
Type Arts-oriented, charter, magnet high school
Affiliation Fraser Public Schools
Principal Michael Mitchell[1]
Students 300+
Grades 9-12
Location 32101 Caroline Street,
Fraser, Michigan, USA
Coordinates 42°31′57″N 82°57′07″W / 42.5324°N 82.9519°W / 42.5324; -82.9519Coordinates: 42°31′57″N 82°57′07″W / 42.5324°N 82.9519°W / 42.5324; -82.9519
Colors Green and White

Arts Academy in the Woods, also known as AAW, is a charter, "magnet" high school located in Fraser, Michigan, U.S.A.. The school's educational focus is on the arts; primarily visual art, music, and performance art.


AAW students, exterior view of the school building; 2008-2009 term

Arts Academy in the Woods is chartered by the Macomb Intermediate School District's Board of Education, which oversees its operations, including finances and curriculum. The school is tuition-free and open to all Michigan students, grades 9-12, with an interest in the arts. Any secondary school student who qualifies as a resident of the State of Michigan is eligible to attend.

The Academy opened in August 2001, initially only to students entering the 9th grade. The 2002-2003 year included 9th and 10th grade students. 11th grade was added in 2003-2004, and finally, a senior class (12th grade) was added in the 2004-2005 school year.

AAW allows students to major in the Arts, while also attending "regular" high school classes. The arts program is combined with a full academic curriculum including math, science, English, and languages. Academy students receive Arts instruction from a staff of professional fine and performing artists. The arts classes are integrated with the academic program, providing students with a unique educational experience.[citation needed]

Students are not required to have career goals related to the arts. Those who do, may benefit from the academy's ties to the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, which deals with international cultural exchanges; special guests from other countries occasionally visit the school to teach and participate in classes, and vice versa.

The school maintains an online presence, including its own website (""), and a YouTube channel ("artsacademywoods"), which primarily serves as a showcase for student performances.

Students from the school have achieved wide recognition for their award-winning live performances and visual art.[citation needed]


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