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Attaque 77
Attaque 77 - Fiesta Clandestina - Buenos Aires.JPG
Attaque 77 in Buenos Aires (2010)
Background information
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Punk rock
Alternative rock
Melodic hardcore
Pop punk
Years active 1987–present
Labels Radio Tripoli Discos
Sony Music BMG
Associated acts Marky Ramone, Reincidentes, Jauría, Los Pericos
Members Mariano Martínez
Luciano Scaglione
Leonardo De Cecco
Past members Ciro Pertusi
Adrian Vera
Federico Pertusi
Daniel Caffieri
Claudio Leiva
Martín "Tucan" Bosa

Attaque 77 ("Attack 77") is an Argentine punk rock group formed in 1987. Formed in 1987 as a group of friends who got together to play their favorite songs, most of them by The Ramones, their favorite band and the one that influenced them the most. They started writing songs in the same punk rock style, with lyrics with proletarian content (about exploited factory workers, etc.), and wore denim jackets, which became one of their hallmarks in their beginnings. Currently, only three members continues to making shows and new recordings.


1987–1992: Early career and first commercial success[edit]

When they were just starting, they played the more traditional punk rock style of seminal bands like the aforementioned Ramones, the Sex Pistols or the early The Clash. In that years, the band have become more popular by virtue of a more melodic style. High points in the band's history include the album El Cielo Puede Esperar in 1990, with the first band's big-hit "Hacelo Por Mí", performing their first gigs at the Estadio Obras in October 1991.

In 1992, Attaque 77 released their third studio album Ángeles caidos, which first made their name widely recognizable, and the last with Adrián Vera, replaced by Luciano Scaglione.

1993–1999: Breakthrough and change in musical style[edit]

In 1993, with their new label RCA, released Todo Está al Revés, with some success in the Argentine, and a national subsequent tour. Other high points include the high-selling album Amén! in 1995, performing a new gig at the Estadio Obras in 1996.

An alternative rock/punk album Un Día Perfecto (U.D.P.), was released in 1997 and peaked at the FM radios tops with the songs "Cambios", "Crecer" and "Angel". To commemorate their 12th anniversary the band released Otras Canciones, a covers album with the Attaque 77 members favorite songs, signed with Ariola Records.

2000–2008: Radio Insomnio, Antihumano and more success[edit]

Then in 2000, Attaque 77 travel to Spain and recorded Radio Insomnio, touring by Europe and the 2003 album Antihumano marked the band's biggest mainstream success in Argentina and other countires, led to the alternative rock hit "Arrancacorazones" and melocic-hardcore as "Ojos de perro" and "Los Buenos Deseos". Almost-three years later, the band edited Karmagedon, in 2007, and the last album with Ciro Pertusi.

2009–2011: Pertusi's departure and Estallar[edit]

Mariano Martínez, the leader of Attaque 77 since 2009.

In early 2009, Ciro Pertusi left the group for personal reasons, leaving only Martinez, De Cecco and Scaglione as current members. Pertusi recently formed a new group called "Jauría" in 2010, with Esteban '22' Serniotti on guitar and vocals, Mauro Ambesi on bass and Ray Fajardo (ex-El Otro Yo) on drums.

In 2009 came the album Estallar devised largely by Mariano Martinez, with relative commercial success. That same year, Attaque 77 permormed a gig at the Luna Park Stadium with Adrián Vera as guest.

2012–present: Acoustic tour and new album[edit]

In 2012, the band release the first acoustic live album Acustico Teatro Opera Bs As, with special guests. In 2014, the present day line-up released a new album Nuevas Versiones, with some reworking songs of the band.

Attaque 77 background[edit]

Mariano Martínez and Ciro Pertusi are vegetarians and so they have composed many songs promoting animals rights, including Espiral de Silencio (Spiral of Silence), San Fermín and Ojos de Perro (Dog’s Eyes).

According to polls by their fan club Regimiento de Pecadores (Sinners Regiment), their most famous song is "Hacelo por Mí" (Do it for me) and their best lyrics are in the song Donde las águilas se Atreven (Where the eagles dare) from which the fan club gets its name.


Current members
Additional musicians
Former members


Studio albums
  • Pirotecnia autorizada (2006, BMG)
Live albums
  • Rabioso! La Pesadilla Recién Comienza (1991, Radio Tripoli Records)
  • 89 - 92 (1994, Radio Tripoli Records)
  • Trapos (2001, BMG)
  • Karmagedon en vivo (2008, BMG)
  • Acustico Teatro Opera Bs As (2012)
Compilation albums;
  • Caña! (2001, Ariola Records/Sony Music)
  • Obras cumbres (2005, BMG)

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