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Dr. Balkrishan Ganpatrao MatapurkarHindi: डा. बालक्रिशन गणपतराव मातापुरकर is an Indian scientist who first defined the term "organ regeneration" and was awarded a US patent on adult stem cells used for organ Regeneration.[1][2] He was born in Gwalior and got a degree in surgery in medical college at Gajara Raja Medical College, Gwalior. He developed first ever organ regeneration technique in the world while in Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. His received a US PATENT 6227202 in 1996[3] and U.S. International patent No. 20020007223 in 2003.


Scientific articles published in ASAIO Journal, American Society of Artificial internal Organs Journal, World J of Surgery in 1991[4] and 1999,[5] Regeneration of ureter faellopian tube,uterus published in Annals of New York Academy of Sciences[6] in 1998, Indian J of Urology, Indian j of Expt. Biol. One of the technique for Repair of large Incisional hernia has been published in the R. Maingot's Text book of Abdominal Operations in 1997. Regeneration of fallopian Tube and Uterus published in Text Book of Gynaecology in 2011.Another International Patent from USA on Regeneration of Bile Duct and Urinary Bladder granted in 2003.