BB Gabor (album)

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BB Gabor
Studio album by B. B. Gabor
Released 1980
Recorded June 1979
Genre New wave
Length 37:00
Label Anthem
Producer Terry Brown
B. B. Gabor chronology
B. B. Gabor
Girls of the Future

BB Gabor is a 1980 album by the Canadian artist B. B. Gabor. It featured two Canadian hit singles: "Nyet Nyet Soviet (Soviet Jewellery)", and "Metropolitan Life". It is available on CD on the Canadian label Pacemaker.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Metropolitan Life" 2:41 (BB Gabor, Leon Stevenson)
  2. "Consumer" 2:48 (Gabor, Stevenson)
  3. "Nyet Nyet Soviet (Soviet Jewellery)" 2:38 (Gabor, Paul Armstrong)
  4. "Laser Love" 4:10 (Gabor, Stevenson)
  5. "Moscow Drug Club" 4:25 (Gabor, Stevenson, Denis Keldie)
  6. "Underground World" 3:09 (Gabor)
  7. "All the Time" 5:06 (Gabor, "Cosmic" Ray Scott)
  8. "Hunger, Poverty & Misery" 3:46 (Gabor)
  9. "Ooh Mama" 2:16 (Gabor)
  10. "Big Yellow Taxi" 5:43 (Mitchell)


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