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Bachar Kouatly (born 3 March 1958, Damascus) is a Syrian–French chess master, journalist and activist.

He played thrice for Lebanon in World Junior Chess Championship (1975–1977), and represented Lebanon in Chess Olympiad at La Valleta 1980. He won at Qatar 1981 (zonal) and took 14th at Toluca 1982 (interzonal).

Kouatly won French Chess Championship in 1979.[1] He played for France in five Chess Olympiads (1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, and 1992).[2]

He was awarded the International Master title in 1975, and the Grandmaster title in 1989.

On the January 2009 FIDE list, he has an Elo rating of 2453.

Bachar Kouatly is an editor of Europe Echecs, a French–language chess magazine.


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