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This article is about the town on Tobago. For town on Grenada, see Bacolet, Grenada.

Bacolet is a town on the island of Tobago, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The town itself lies beneath Fort King George at the Bacolet Bay, near Scarborough, Tobago, to the south-east of the island-capital. It is one of the most developed parts of Tobago where the high society of the island lives. There are also many villas and hotels for tourists.


One such tourist destination is Bacolet Beach Club, a retreat located on Bacolet Bay. Designed by former fashion model Gloria Jones-Knapp, the resort boasts of five-star facilities, including a unique Beach Bar, Asian-Cuban restaurant Havana, and tastefully designed rooms to complete the perfect getaway. Also on offer are facilities for various activities for guests to indulge in, including dive stations, golf courses, tennis courts, and sailing and windsurfing docks.[1]

The Dwight Yorke Stadium is located in Bacolet.[2]


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Coordinates: 11°10′00″N 60°43′00″W / 11.1667°N 60.7167°W / 11.1667; -60.7167