Bad, Bad Bunny Trouble

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Bad, Bad Bunny Trouble
Author Hans Wilhelm
Illustrator Hans Wilhelm
Country United States
Language English
Series Bunny Trouble Trilogy
Genre Children's story
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
Publication date
February 1994
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 28
ISBN 0-590-47916-4
Preceded by 'Bunny Trouble'
Followed by 'More Bunny Trouble'

Bad, Bad Bunny Trouble is the second book of the Bunny Trouble trilogy, by Hans Wilhelm. It is preceded by Bunny Trouble and followed by More Bunny Trouble. [1]

Plot Summary[edit]

The book is about Ralph a soccer-loving rabbit who frequently causes trouble with his family and friends. After doing something really bad at his sister Liza's birthday, he is grounded, but then he has to use his best soccer kick to save his family from a gang of hungry foxes.