Badin Lake

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Badin Lake
Badin Lake, North Carolina.jpg
Badin Lake viewed from the boat launch in Badin, North Carolina
Location Uwharrie Lakes Region, North Carolina
Coordinates 35°25′11″N 80°05′34″W / 35.41972°N 80.09278°W / 35.41972; -80.09278Coordinates: 35°25′11″N 80°05′34″W / 35.41972°N 80.09278°W / 35.41972; -80.09278
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Yadkin River
Primary outflows Yadkin River
Basin countries United States
Surface area 5,350 acres (21.7 km2)
Max. depth 190 ft (58 m) (locals say over 300 ft (91 m))
Shore length1 115 mi (185 km)
Surface elevation 539 feet (164 m)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Badin Lake is one of a series of lakes created by the damming of the Yadkin-Pee Dee River in the Uwharrie Lakes Region of the United States. The Badin Lake Dam was built in 1917 to support a local aluminum smelting plant (Alcoa Aluminum Company of America), and the associated community of Badin was named for the founder, Adrien Badin. Badin Lake is in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.. It is contained by Narrows Dam at the town of Badin, North Carolina. Sitting within a valley, the lake is very deep, with a maximum depth of 190 ft (58 m). The lake occupies 5,350 acres (22 km2) and has 115 mi (185 km) of shoreline. Its waters have an average summer temperature of 84.4 °F (29.1 °C) and an average winter temperature of 50.6 °F (10.3 °C). No ferries cross Badin Lake. The northernmost point of Morrow Mountain State Park is roughly 2 miles (3.2 km) downstream from Narrows Dam. The lake lies within Stanly, Davidson, Montgomery, and Rowan counties. Much of the lake's eastern shoreline lies within the Uwharrie National Forest.

  • Recreation

Badin Lake offers both residents and visitors a wide range of recreational opportunities such as golf, fishing, boating, hiking, camping and hunting.

  • Fishing

Badin Lake has many game fish including Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Walleye, Catfish, Spotted Bass, White Bass, and Striped Bass. All of these fish have been caught on Badin Lake. Though all these game fish are in Badin Lake, Trout does not exist. All except the Walleye are caught on a regular basis, the Walleye are not seen as much in these waters.

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