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Bagra Tawa is a railway station in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh.

Bagra Tawa is a railway station on Jabalpur - Itarsi railway line.[1] under West Central Railway zone of Indian Railway, which falls under administrative preview of Jabalpur Division of Railways. The station came into existence in when during 1869-71, the Itarsi to Jabalpur lines were built by Great Indian Peninsula Railway.

The train passes through a tunnel near Bagra Tawa and then crosses the bridge over Tawa River few kilometers down from village. The Tawa Dam is located nearby the station.

The station code is 'BGTA'. The immediate preceding station while coming from Itarsi junction is Sontalai and towards Jabalpur side is Guramkhedi.


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Coordinates: 22°37′55″N 77°59′38″E / 22.632°N 77.994°E / 22.632; 77.994