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Ballantyne Pier (also called the Ballantyne Cruise Terminal) is a commercial and passenger dock of the Port of Vancouver located at 851 Centennial Road, in Vancouver, Canada. It sits at the west side of Rogers Sugar across the Canadian Pacific Railway Tracks from Powell Street. Passenger terminal access is via the Clark Drive or McGill Street Overpass only.

In 1995 the pier was renovated to create two modern cruise ship berths; East Berth (#1) is 366 m while the West Berth (#2) is used as an overflow berth. The dock is equipped with two automatic gang-ways and terminal building with baggage handling and customs areas.[1]


Van 1929 lrg portofvancouverpanb.jpg

It was built in 1923 by the Vancouver Harbours Board to alleviate dock shortages in Vancouver which came to a head during the First World War. Also, competing railways such as Great Northern, Canadian Northern, and Grand Trunk Pacific Railway needed wharf space in a CPR monopolized waterfront. A Canadian National diamond crossing allows 'foreign' trains to Vancouver waterfront. The CNR Prince fleet sailed from this dock. It was the scene of a vicious 1935 strike, the Battle of Ballantyne Pier.

The dock was gutted in 1992 and rebuilt after a period of dissuse. Modern teflon sails and steelwork, erupt from the original, beautiful Beaux Arts facade. It is now used as an overflow for Cruise Line vessels. Direct to cable TV productions like Captain Courageous have been filmed there, uranium ships and the liberty ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien have docked there.

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