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Barbara Ann Kipfer (born 1954) is a linguist and lexicographer. She has written more than 50 books, including 14,000 Things to be Happy About (Workman), which has more than a million copies in print and has given rise to many Page-a-Day calendars.[1] She is the editor of Roget's International Thesaurus.

She holds a PhD and MPhil in Linguistics from the University of Exeter, a PhD in Archaeology from Greenwich University, an MA and PhD in Buddhist Studies from Akamai University, and a BS in physical education from Valparaiso University.[citation needed] She is a semantic curation specialist for Google. Kipfer has worked for such companies as,,;, Ask Jeeves, Bellcore, Federated Media, General Electric Research, Google, IBM Research, idealab, Knowledge Adventure, Mindmaker/Associative Computing, Textwise, Wang Electronic Publishing, and Wolfram Alpha.


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