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Barbara Stcherbatcheff (born 1981 in Chicago, Illinois, USA) is a best-selling author,[1] journalist and a frequent economic commentator.[2] After launching a banking career in the City of London, she started writing the weekly City Girl column in the Thelondonpaper – the same slot as the hugely popular City Boy column that led to Geraint Anderson’s best-selling book of the same name. She regularly contributes to Newsweek [3][4] and other publications.


She has discussed her book, "Confessions of a City Girl" (Random House, 2009) on numerous television and radio channels, including BBC Business, Six O'Clock News, ITV, and Ten O'Clock News, Sky News, the BBC News Channel, BBC1's The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell, BBC Radio, BBC Radio Five Live, LBC radio, the BBC World Service, Bloomberg and Al Jazeera English. Her book has been translated into German and Polish. Barbara is a regular public speaker, specializing in banking culture and financial markets, and spoke at the 22nd annual EBS Symposium in September 2011. She grew up in Woodstock, Illinois.[5]

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