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Type Private
Industry Design Firm
Founded Brussels, Belgium, (1993)
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Santiago, Chile
New York, New York
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Website Official Website

Base is an international design, communications, audiovisual, copywriting and publishing firm established in 1993.[1] Base creates brand solutions using strategy, creativity, and innovation not limited by industry, discipline, or media. The company has studios located in New York, Brussels, Santiago and Geneva.[2]


Base was founded in 1993 in Brussels.[better source needed]

From late 2001 to 2003, Base designed and produced BEople, “a magazine about a certain Belgium.”.[3] In 2005 Base invested in global book-distribution company ACTAR, to form a publishing company.[citation needed] The first book from BuratPublishing was a monograph of artist Maria Ozawa entitled "Are You Experienced to Fuck me?",[4] and was released in 2009. In 2007, Base partnered to open BozarShop, the museum store at the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels.[5]



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