Battle Golfer Yui

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Battle Golfer Yui
Battle Golfer Yui
Cover art
Developer(s) Santos[1]
Publisher(s) SEGA Enterprises Ltd.[1]
Platform(s) Mega Drive[1]
Release date(s)
  • JP February 15, 1991[1]
Genre(s) Sports[1][2]
Mode(s) Single player[3]
Multiplayer[3] (up to two players)

Battle Golfer Yui (バトルゴルファー唯?, "Battle Golfer Yui")[4] is 1991 Japan-exclusive golfing game for the Sega Mega Drive.


The game essentially combines a traditional golf tournament with a plot by a mad professor to take over the world while using that golf tournament as its legitimate front.[1] Yui Mizuhara and Ran Ryuzaki are two normal high school girls who are excellent at golf so they get drafted for this assignment.[1] They are abducted by Professor G, but Yui is liberated before he can brainwash her into his organization.[1]


Players can talk to their opponents before teeing against them in oddly-themed golf courses.[1] Special abilities can be invoked at a certain cost to the attribute that is the equivalent of magic points in standard role-playing games.[1]