Because I Can

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This article is about the album by Katy Rose. For the album by Mice, see Because I Can (Mice album).
Because I Can
Studio album by Katy Rose
Released January 17, 2004
Length 41:12
Label V2, Rose Colored Records
Producer Kim Bullard
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Because I Can
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Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Because I Can is the debut album by American artist, Katy Rose. Because I Can was also her first and final record with V2 Records. The album's main track was "Overdrive" and was featured on the teen hit movie, Mean Girls which gained the song fame. "Overdrive" and another track from the album, "Lemon" was also featured on the movie Thirteen. Katy wrote and co-produced (along with her father, Kim Bullard) the entire album at only 16 years old. Three other songs were planned for the album, but for some reason or another were left out. These three songs can be found through various Torrent websites and programs. Because I Can also contains the second and final single, "I Like" which failed on the charts. Katy has since now parted from V2 Records, because of artistic differences and wanted to have more control of her future albums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Overdrive" - (2:53)
  2. "I Like" - (3:30)
  3. "Watching the Rain" - (2:36)
  4. "Enchanted" - (3:36)
  5. "Catch My Fall" - (3:21)
  6. "Snowflakes" - (3:56)
  7. "Glow" - (3:24)
  8. "Teachin’ Myself to Dream" - (3:10)
  9. "Vacation" - (2:21)
  10. "Original Skin" - (4:17)
  11. "Lemon" - (4:42)
  12. "Because I Can" - (3:16)

Taiwan Version:

  1. "Overdrive"
  2. "Keeping it Together" - (3:21) [Taiwan Bonus Track]
  3. "I Like"
  4. "Watching the Rain"
  5. "Snowflakes"
  6. "Catch My Fall"
  7. "Enchanted"
  8. "Glow"
  9. "Teachin' Myself to Dream"
  10. "Vacation"
  11. "Original Skin"
  12. "Lemon"
  13. "Because I Can"

Japanese Version:

  1. "Overdrive"
  2. "I Like"
  3. "Watching the Rain"
  4. "Enchanted"
  5. "Catch My Fall"
  6. "Snowflakes"
  7. "Glow"
  8. "Teachin’ Myself to Dream"
  9. "Vacation"
  10. "Original Skin"
  11. "Lemon"
  12. "Because I Can"
  13. "Lullaby" - (4:59) [Japan Bonus Track]

Sampler (2003):

  1. "Overdrive"
  2. "Vacation"
  3. "Catch My Fall"
  4. "I Like"



"Overdrive" is featured on the Mean Girls soundtrack.

"Lemon" and "Overdrive" are featured on the Thirteen soundtrack.