Ben Abernathy

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Ben Abernathy
Born Bend, OR
Nationality American
Area(s) Editor

Ben Abernathy is an editor at Madefire, a company that creates motion books. Prior that that, Abernathy was a group editor at DC Comics, and prior to that, a senior edtior at WildStorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics.


Abernathy has held editorial positions at both Dark Horse Comics and Marvel Enterprises before moving to WildStorm.

Duties include editing books in three main categories of the publishing line: Wildstorm Universe, creator-driven titles and licensed properties. In addition he edited the CMX imprint for a time.[1]

He worked on Wildstorm: World's End, which saw a new direction for a number of titles.[2]


He was nominated for the Squiddy Award for Best Editor in 2003.



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